ReVou Plugins


Can't get enough of ReVou software features? We have created separate plugins for our ReVou software to allow site owners to purchase these extra tools to suit the needs of their websites so that you only purchase what you need in order to run your own micro-blogging business.


For software developers who are interested in creating 3rd party plugins for ReVou and list their plugins for sale here, kindly contact us for more information.


ReVou SMS Ads plugin allows you to offer your advertisers the ability to send out targeted SMS ads directly to your members based on geo-graphical location as well as interest groups. Check out the blog post for some useful tips on how you can monetize on ReVou micro-blogging site using our SMS Ads plugin.


ReVou Mobile plugin allows your users to easily access your ReVou community via their mobile phones. This mobile interface plugin works with most mobile web browsers supported by iphone, blackberry, windows mobile and it also includes a mobile detector that will load the mobile interface if the user is surfing from a mobile phone

More Coming Soon!